Common questions answered…


How do I order?

Custom order enquiries : Click on the CONTACT tab and fill in the details.
Alternatively email Nisa at mudandsugarbakes@gmail.com
Holiday and special occasion Cookie sets: Head to the SHOP tab.

What information do you need to quote me correctly?

The date you would like the order.
Quantity or serves.
Type of order.
Flavour ideas.
The more information you can give me the better.

How much notice do you need for an order?

Preferably a week for small orders, a month for large ones. I only take on a certain amount per week and if I have a market or holiday coming up it’s not likely I’ll take on any custom orders that week. No last minute orders.

Do you make orders with licensed characters?

I’m a stickler for the rules and do not make cakes or cookies of licensed characters, fines and warnings are a very real issue in the industry. Alternatively I can make them in the colour or general theme of the characters you like. You are welcome to add new plastic toys to a cake I’ve made to suit the theme, or I can make cookies in the colours.
For instance if you were doing a Disney Mermaid theme I could easily make an under the sea cake and cookies.
How to Train your Dragon could be cookies with dragon scales and a log cake with moss, boulders and leaves.


What flavour cakes do you make?

My cake flavours are the following:
Chocolate Mud, Caramel Mud & White Chocolate Mud. Prices start at $180. For the 6″x6″
Carrot Cake ( with or without walnuts), Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Buttermilk Cake, Ombre Cake, Rainbow Cake, Lemon, Lemon poppy seed cake, Orange Almond Meal Cake, Chocolate Cake, Triple Chocolate cake, Cookies and Cream cake, Sponge Cake, Spiced Honey Cake, Coffee Cake & Sticky Date Cake.* Prices start at $150. For the 6″x6″
*Any of these cakes besides the Mud Cakes can be made into cupcakes. 12 cupcakes per order minimum. Prices start at $60. For a dozen cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream. Floral Cupcakes start at $90. for a dozen. What flavour cakes do you make?
Mini Cupcakes *Any of these cake flavours besides the Mud Cakes can be made into Mini Cupcakes. 24 Cupcakes per order minimum. Prices start at $65. for a swirl and can have two flavours of buttercream.
For flower piping, prices start at $90.
Giant Cupcakes
*Any of these cake flavours besides the Mud Cakes can be made into Giant Cupcakes. Preferably without choc chips, which may sink. Prices start at $120.

What are your fillings and toppings?

Swiss Meringue Buttercream: This is a light and very smooth buttercream. It’s not overly sweet and can be flavoured in any way you like.
Some examples: vanilla bean, cookies and cream , salted caramel, peanut butter, any berry, coffee, passion fruit, mint, buttered popcorn, burnt butter, maple syrup.
Ganache: Ganache goes beautifully with Mud Cakes. Ganache can be infused with berries, praline, mint, coffee etc.
I use high quality Callebaut Belgium Chocolate for all my Ganache and baking.

Do you use fondant and sculpt cakes?

Sorry I do not cover cakes in fondant or sculpt cakes. That is not my style and I much prefer buttercream or Ganache for the taste. Occasionally I will make small fondant decorations to add to a cake or cookies but I don’t make fondant Cake toppers.

Can you use fresh flowers?

If requested and they are available and safe to use, however my style is to pipe flowers.

Can I design my cake?

We can work together on a design if it’s flexible.

Can I order a sample box of cakes?

Sorry I don’t currently offer sample boxes. You can try many of my cakes or cookies by visiting my market stall.

How many serves of cake are the minimum and how do I work it out?

10 Serves are the minimum order. That is a 6×6″ Cake.
Look are my serving chart below for more information.


What cookie flavours do you offer?

I have four flavours available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Gingerbread & Lemon Honey.
For Holiday orders I will only have some of the flavours to choose from.
For custom orders, it’s one flavour per batch quantity. The quantities are listed below.

What icing do you use?

I make Royal Icing, I do not use a premix. It is sweet and delicious, Think gingerbread house icing. All my royal icing is flavoured with natural Vanilla extract. I may use Fondant for small decorations to add to a design.

What is the minimum quantity I need for a cookie order?

Giant Cookies (around 20cm) Prices start at $35. Negotiable quantity,
Large Cookies x 10 Prices start at $12. per cookie
Reg Cookies x 12 prices start at $75. (Main size used)
Medium Cookies x 15 prices start at $82.5
Small x 25 prices start at $87.5
Mini x 100. prices start at $1. ( Hearts for example)
Each quantity equals one batch.

Can I order custom holiday cookies?

Yes, Leading up to a holiday I will put the boxes I’ll be offering up on my Instagram and Facebook pages.
Then I will have them available to order direct from my website.

Can I design my cookies?

I am happy to work with you on a design or theme.

Payments and Wholesale

Do you have wholesale?

Not currently, though it’s something I’m looking into.

Can I get a discount the more cookies I order?

The more cookies ordered the more work I do. Sorry discounts are not possible, my time and ingredients are charged fairly.

How do I pay?

You can pre-order holiday cookie sets via the website. Custom orders will receive an invoice with a due date.

Postage and Pick Up

Do you deliver?

Pick up is preferred.
During a Holiday order week it may be offered locally.

Do you post?

Yes I can post cookies within Australia for the price of postage and packaging.
Cookie boxes will be wrapped well to try and prevent breakages.

Can I pick up my order early?

Only if you have confirmed this with me. Otherwise it may not be ready when you arrive.

Allergen Advice

Do you make NF, GF, DF, V, EF?

Everything made in my kitchen is made on the same equipment that uses nuts, gluten, wheat, eggs and dairy.
Though all my equipment is cleaned and sterilised I cannot guarantee cross contamination will not occur if you have a food allergy.
This is why I do not encourage orders to be Nut Free, Gluten Fee, Dairy Free, Vegan or Egg Free.

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